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Repairs and guarantees

We do our utmost to ensure that the products you order are delivered to you free of defects. On occasion, however, a product may be defective or malfunction despite being used properly. If you wish to return an item to us under a guarantee, our aim is to make the process as straightforward as possible. We therefore recommend that you request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) online. The registered RMA number is valid for 14 days.

1. Find item in My Account

If you have logged in to your customer account, you can register a request in My Account to return the relevant item.

Alternatively, you can find the item without logging in by entering both the customer number and the invoice number in the RMA form.

2. For repairs under guarantee, select Repair

If a product needs to be repaired under a guarantee, a request should be registered in our system, which will then set out the circumstances in which an item should be sent to our technical support department as well as those circumstances in which it should instead be sent directly to the manufacturer’s service centre. Please follow the advice given..

Obtain accompanying documents and RMA number

After registering an RMA request, you will receive the accompanying documents by e-mail.

Your RMA number will be shown on the documents. The RMA number is valid for 14 days.

3. Pack and address item

The return slip and a return label will be e-mailed to you. Please print the slip, enclose it with the product and pack the defective item properly.Please address the parcel for dispatch with the RMA number displayed.

4. Return item by post or in person

Returns by post

Please address the parcel by attaching the return label. The postage is payable by you, though you will benefit from a discount of CHF 1.50 per parcel in the same weight category. Such returns are insured to the value of CHF 500.–. If necessary, you can increase the level of cover when you mail the item back to us.

Returns can be mailed back to us in the following ways:

  • You can use the free-of-charge pick@home service run by Swiss Post in collaboration with Medidor. The link for signing up for this service will be e-mailed to you after the RMA has been registered.
  • You can mail returns from a post office branch. More information on locations and opening hours can be found on the Swiss Post website.

Returning items in person

Returning items in person

Mägenwil – business park
Our collection office in Mägenwi will be happy to take returns from you.

Willisau – Competec Logistics Centre
Our collection office in Willisau will be happy to take returns from you.

5. Repair, replacement or credit note

When your return reaches us

Once the item reaches us, the parcel will be noted in our system with reference to the RMA number. The item can be tracked throughout the entire process. If the return parcel is damaged in transit, this will be reported at our end.

You can check the current status of your RMA request at any time when you log in to My Account.

Testing defective products

If you have returned a defective item, it will first be tested in a manner appropriate to the type of product. This may take some time. This step is necessary because the manufacturer’s guarantee can be used only if a defect can actually be identified. Customer induced damage (CID) is not covered.

Replacement, repair or credit note

If a defect is clearly identified at our end, the product can either be substituted for an identical model or it can be sent to the manufacturer for repair. In the case of end-of-life (EOL) products, which are no longer available on the market, and where corresponding agreements have been made with manufacturers, it is possible that, under certain circumstances, a credit note will be issued to the current value of the product, but not exceeding its purchase price at the time you acquired it.

If you have received a credit note for the defective product

Information on credit notes

Further information

There is, unfortunately, a risk of items getting damaged in transit. You can report to us directly any damage to the parcel, consignment or item.

Contact us via e-mail at mail@brack.ch and include the following:

  • Photos and/or videos of the complete packaging (from all angles) and the defective items incl. padding
  • Details of the damage
  • Invoice number
  • Item number
  • Request for a credit note or replacement

What if a parcel is lost in transit?

What if there was a mistake in the order?

If you haven’t been able to register a repair online or if the information on the manufacturer’s service centre hasn’t helped you enough,
please contact us, so that we can assist you further.