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We are BRACK.CH Business

Introducing the BRACK.CH Business team

The BRACK.CH Business team brings its enthusiasm and wealth of experience to assist business customers day in, day out.
Our dedicated team takes care of requests from companies, schools, public institutions and all kinds of businesses.
We are happy to advise and assist you as you procure everything you need for your business and ensure that the purchase process is straightforward and efficient. But who are we? We would be delighted to introduce you to our teams and the people behind BRACK.CH Business.

Feel free to contact us by telephone: +41 (0)62 889 60 06 | E-mail: business@brack.ch


The BRACK.CH Business management team

We are a dedicated team that is completely committed to ensuring your success. We work to ensure that we understand what you need in order to meet your requirements in the best way possible. Our many years of experience coupled with our curiosity for advanced solutions form the basis for your and our success.

Daniel Steiner, Head of Business Development for Business Customers; Ouso Atrache, Head of Business Customers; Stephanie Koch, Head of the Service Centre for Business Customers; Markus Bossart, Head of Sales for Business Customers (l–r)

The Central Region team

The canton of Aargau is the home of BRACK.CH and is right at the heart of the Central region. From here, we take care of our business customers in the Swiss Plateau with a huge amount of enthusiasm and our combined expertise in the fields of IT and business requirements.

Dominic Hersperger, Head of the Central Region; Kevin Kammermann, Key Account Manager; Ferhat Conrad, Account Manager; Davide Mistretta, Key Account Manager; Pirmin Mathiuet, Account Manager; Fabio Soncin, Account Manager; Franz Hafner; Key Account Manager (l–r)

The East Region team

In the East Region team, you and your needs are at the heart of everything we do. We help you personally and in a spirit of partnership to find you the best solution. To do this, we bring together all our expertise from the fields of business requirements and IT.

Robin Papafio, Key Account Manager; Angela Steiner, Account Manager; Marco Arnold, Head of the East Region; Sonja Iten, Key Account Manager; Kiru Veerasingham, Account Manager; Silvia Welti, Key Account Manager; Ara Simon, Key Account Manager; Mara Saro, Account Manager; Patrice El Dada, Account Manager (l–r)

The Romandy team

Romandy has a special place in our hearts.

Our team from Romandy assists companies and public institutions with comprehensive and highly efficient purchasing and logistics solutions – whether for fast-paced day-to-day business or complex large-scale projects. Boasting expertise in the fields of IT, workspaces, office supplies, break areas and building management, we offer our customers the opportunity to bring their suppliers together and procure everything they need from a single source.

Wellington Soares Junior, Inside Sales; Michaël Althaus, Account Manager; Valentine Savioli, Account Manager; Daniel Edreira, Key Account Manager; Greg Hauswirth, Head of the Romandy Region (l–r)

The Public Sector team

The Public Sector team places particular value on cooperation with our customers built on trust. We have a team of long-serving colleagues who have extensive expertise and experience in the public sector. This enables us to offer our customers tailored solutions, continuous support and the best possible assistance.

David Zulji, Key Account Manager; Regula Graf, Key Account Manager; Simon Maphan, Key Account Manager; Eveline Bauer, Key Account Manager (l–r)

The MEDiDOR team

We support our partners to focus on their work with people.

We are an innovative Swiss company that shapes the procurement market in the areas of therapy, movement and health, and caters to all your everyday therapeutic and operational needs. We provide you with personal advice and assistance on all matters relating to practice management and are on hand to take care of your requests.

Adrian Künzle, Account Manager; Anouk Schraner, Account Manager, Sibylle Raichle, Sales Support (l–r)

The New Business and Specialised Sales team

In Business Development, we have committed to new strategic initiatives which are making a vital contribution to expansion and growth in relation to business customers. By opening up new business fields and developing existing as well as new services, we aim to help you – our customers – to procure everything you need for your business from a single source and with minimum effort.

Céline Brändle; Inside Sales New Business, Daniel Steiner; Head of Business Development, Madeleine Riechsteiner; Head of New Business, Robert Studer; Specialised Sales (l–r)

The Service Centre team

The Service Centre team takes care of the needs, requests and questions of our customers with a huge level of dedication and personal service. We deploy our specialist expertise to assist you and ensure that everything runs smoothly with your purchases. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction is hugely important to us.

Cornelia Benz, Stefanie Alves Faria, Dina Salzmann, Sonja Peshinoski, Stephanie Koch, Nathalie Scheiwiller, Fabienne Dietrich, Yvonne Düsel, Ivana Pfammater, Celine Fluri (l–r)

Claudio Knobel, Arabel Wassmer, Daniela Rüegg, Sandrine Mühlebach, Angela Neukom, Alexandra Fey, Sabrina Schönenberger (l–r)

Chiara Weber, Ladina Albert, Janine Schallenberg, Dorothée Edreira, Sacha Christen, Jennie Zihlmann, Sybille Waldmeier, Fabrice Vernier (l–r)