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Welcome to BRACK.CH Business

BRACK.CH Business offers a complete package encompassing logistics, an extensive range and excellent service. We are efficient in sourcing just the right items for you thanks to our in-depth product knowledge. As the only B2B provider of our kind in Switzerland, we supply all products from our own warehouse and at special rates for business customers. By choosing us, companies, institutions and public authorities alike get to benefit from a level of product availability that is unsurpassed on the Swiss market.

Attractive rates

As a customer of BRACK.CH Business, you get to benefit from special business rates. Where large volumes are ordered, our key account managers will work with our product management team to come up with special offers for you at attractive project-specific rates. In its promotion of academic learning and IT skills, BRACK.CH Business offers public institutions special education and SIK rates. We offer free delivery where the value of an order is at least CHF 50.–.

An efficient way to shop

With a remarkable range of over 250,000 items in many different categories, we are the one-stop shop that will cover your every need. So in addition to your IT and multimedia devices, we can provide all your office supplies, everything you need in the pantry and much more. What’s more, our key account managers will help you streamline the process to keep your costs down.

You can arrange to have each order delivered directly to the relevant location within your business. The shop has a straightforward user administration facility that enables you to select or change the delivery or billing address for each order.

We supply everything from our own warehouse and therefore in a single package, allowing you to save valuable time and resources upon receipt of products. And items ordered by 17:00. will be delivered the next working day.


Experienced account managers who specialise in assisting business customers and meeting their needs will attend to your enquiries.

Our multiple-award-winning customer support and the straightforward online RMA system ensure a smooth and efficient process for returning erroneously ordered or defective products (and replacing these where appropriate).

«Bring Your Own Device» (BYOD) is an initiative that offers many financial as well as ecological benefits. Our advisers who specialise in educational institutions will be happy to help you find just the right devices and operating systems for your students.

Data and interface solutions

With a selection of data exports, interfaces and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) products, we can assist you, at no extra cost, in optimising the procurement and accounting processes within your business. We will be happy to advise you with regard to choosing just the right solution for your requirements. As part of the Competec Group, BRACK.CH provides its business customers with centrally managed data and interface solutions with technical support from Competec Service AG. Find out more and get in touch now to request the connection you need.

Logistics services

All the products shown in the shop are held in our warehouse with 90% availability. This gives you flexibility in the quantities to be delivered on call and saves you having to put items into temporary storage elsewhere.

Thanks to our excellent life cycle management, we can check your infrastructure and proactively notify you if the models you are using have end-of-life status. This is our way of helping you plan a smooth transition from old to new infrastructure.

We will be pleased to provide you with bespoke logistics services to meet your needs. To this end, BRACK.CH Business will liaise with you to determine a fixed quantity of items to be ordered over a specified period. We will then liaise with the manufacturer to have the requested items configured, put in place advance financing and store the reserved items in our warehouse for you. In this way, the items will definitely be available to you at any time and there is no risk of them attaining end-of-life status during the specified period. Only upon ordering the items does the customer make payment for them, and an invoice will be issued for each delivery. The guarantee for the items starts on the date of invoice.

Fringe benefit solution

Businesses and institutions with 30 or more employees can make use of BRACK.CH Plus, our attractive fringe benefit solution. Your employees will enjoy an even better shopping experience with BRACK.CH and can benefit from our multiple-award-winning customer service. Also included for them is an exclusive package of benefits, some of which change from month to month. By granting your employees decent perks, you can stand out as an attractive employer.

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